A store with a regular clientele and steady sales is fine, but growing a customer base into a thriving, profitable business is a dream.

A well-run location can be a money-making machine, but a retail outlet on the brink can be an owner’s worst nightmare.

Whether you’re flourishing or floundering, the good news is there’s experienced, knowledgeable help.

Edmonton Retail Rescue is the pride of Patricia Bancarz, a shopping centre executive whose long career in retail spans over three decades and two continents. Patricia began at Marks and Spencer, a multinational retailer headquartered in England and operating in Canada from 1973 through 1999. She was instrumental in opening M&S stores in Edmonton City Centre and at Chinook Centre in Calgary.
Patricia knows the importance of accountability, superior customer service, inventory control and operational excellence. She offers her expertise to struggling retailers and those facing receivership, as well as those wishing to grow and expand: her attention to detail, business acumen and individualized approach can help transform struggling businesses into vibrant, profitable ventures.

Over three decades of experience spanning two continents

Armed with keen brand awareness, Patricia encouraged a floundering haircutting establishment to analyze its place in today’s market and re-evaluate its brand. Employing a structured process and a clear plan, the hair salon rebranded itself as a full-service spa. Remodelled interiors, augmented services, new signage and a new name laid a much greater foundation for future growth: today, the once struggling business provides the highest in salon and day spa services.

From site selection and lease negotiation, to human resources and proven sales techniques, Patricia delves into every facet of retail. Leaving no stone unturned, she uses her frank, honest, no-nonsense style to determine a business’ operational and service weaknesses.
Patricia has the knowledge, discretion and empathy to help struggling retailers learn to
  • find possible cost savings
  • gauge and understand market reaction
  • hire, train and keep committed and motivated staff
  • understand store operations, including inventory control
  • select prime store locations based on consumer demographics
  • successfully negotiate leases with landlords and commercial developers

  • A wealth of insight into all aspects of retail

    Businesses want to be profitable and steadily grow their revenue. Bars, restaurants and clubs are no exception. Relying on Patricia’s purchasing power and her knowledge of creative marketing, consumer behaviour and site selection, a struggling club grew its profits from a $3,000 take per day to over $20,000 per day.

    Trust Patricia to explain her impressions of atmosphere, service and staff knowledge of consumer goods. Leverage her experience in retail management to show your staff how to
  • deliver superior customer service
  • create favourable impressions with clientele
  • effectively communicate product features and benefits
  • redirect customers from low-profit merchandise to value-added products and services

  • Proven methods and keen business sense to the rescue

    Mall kiosks offer budding entrepreneurs a place to sell products on a small scale and test the marketplace. However, not all vendors succeed—particularly when juggling their own full-time jobs and running a small market stall part-time. Patricia’s guidance and no-nonsense approach transformed 33 such kiosks into retailers with actual storefronts, including one jeweller who now has many locations in Canada and in the United States.

    Receivership and bankruptcy are the last resort and something no business owner ever wants to face or share with competitors and staff. Rest assured that all conversations take place in complete confidence.
    Patricia has experience with banks, lending institutions and secured creditors, and she knows how to work with receivers to
  • sell or liquidate assets
  • make informed decisions
  • negotiate and work to repay outstanding debts or loans
  • oversee business operations and possibly avoid liquidation

  • In receivership? Restructure, remedy and recover!

    High vacancy rates are a deterrent to commercial investors who depend on rent generated by reliable, long-term tenants with strong sales. Retailers on the brink often vacate, placing a mall or shopping centre in receivership. Patricia, faced with a receiver’s insistence that she bring the retail vacancy rate of over 70 per cent as low as possible, led a failing mall through a successful sale. She was retained by the new owners, who, three years later, sold 50 per cent of their investment at their initial purchase price.

    Contact Patricia today to ask how she can help you create an ambitious plan to rescue your retail.